Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

Review on 2015

The first weeks of 2016 have already past and before this new year is really starting I want to look back on 2015.

I´m so so so grateful for all the experiences I had this last year. It changed me a lot! I got to be even more independent and found peace with myself. I started being more confident and accept myself.

I got to visit so many places this last year. Backpacking through South-East-Asia is was probably the most changing experience. It might be the most risky thing I have done so far.  It was not always pretty and easy but it was worth it! And looking back it was super pretty. I got to meet so many people that inspired me. But those I not only got to meet on the other side of the world. I also got to meet them right here, in Austria. 

Living here in a Student-dormitory I got to meet so many people who got to be so great friends to me. I´m happy for every single moment last year especially the hard once because those are the once, making me grow even more.

Another challenge I toke on last year was a new major. I studied Psychology for two semesters and even though I´m good and its interesting, I didn´t feel like it would fulfill me. So I decided to take on a second major: Computer Science. I heard from a lot of people not thinking I would make it, but that motivated me even more. Now, at the end of my first semester, I can say it was the best decision. I really love it! Its hard work but I get to challenge myself and its working out pretty good. I was surprised that I could actually still feel how girls are still not taking that serious, even though in this modern times you would think that has changed. But to me it makes it even more interesting, I just love to prove people, who underestimate me, wrong.

So  much happened last year and I really hope that this year will have new opportunity’s and challenges waiting for me as well. So I can grow even more.

Samstag, 4. April 2015

2015, the adventure goes on!

It´s official : This year I will be travelling to Thailand with a good friend, we won’t plan much, we will just let life take us and see what story’s we have to tell when we get back. I can´t wait to meet new people and get to know the culture <3

Let´s Rebell !

Montag, 17. November 2014

Christmas is coming up! First present arrived....

Christmas is coming to in Austria next week it will be snowing. Last week was the "Glühwein-Opening" (a really popular alcoholic Christmas drink). The decorations in town are beautiful, at night the lights look like a sky full of stars. Had a fun time there with my asian friends.

But the highlight was Saturday, when I was expecting a package from my mum and instead four of my best friends were standing in front of the door. It was an unexpected but super awesome surprise!! Haven´t laugh that long and hard in a long time. It just was an awesome weekend, so it was super hard to say goodbye again. Now I´m looking even more forward to Christmas and seeing them all again! <3